Volunteers Welcome!

We are excited to share that some beloved Vineyard Ranch Elementary School traditions are back this school year!

The highly anticipated return of volunteers to the classroom has arrived! We are pleased to share that volunteers are invited to help our students and teachers in the classroom.

Please be mindful of these guidelines when volunteering in your student’s classrooms:

  • Coordinate time and date with your student’s teacher.
  • All volunteers will need to be PTA members and have a background check on file with NEISD. The online form can be found here: https://portal.neisd.net/volunteer?SOURCE=V and you can get your PTA membership at joinpta.org.
  • Sign in, and sign out, at the front desk. For safety reasons, all volunteers will need to be wearing their stickers while they are volunteering.
  • We request that all volunteers stay within the area they are needed and do not roam around campus.
  • While in the classroom please take an active part in learning or the task at hand. Phones should be put away. The teachers and all students should not be distracted by your presence.
  • Please visit https://vineyardranchpta.org/volunteer/ for more information!

Spoil your student and teacher with store bought birthday treats.

If you would like to provide a STORE- BOUGHT birthday treat for the class, please notify the teacher ahead of time. Healthy foods are welcome or non-edible items such as pencils, stickers, etc. No candles are allowed.

Have lunch with your student in the cafeteria!

The lunchroom will again be open to visitors that would like to eat lunch with their student! Please allow us the first 4 weeks to settle into the new school year and get used to the daily schedule.
Beginning September 12, 2022, you are welcome to bring and eat lunch with your student in the cafeteria. Reminiscent of years past we will have two “guest” tables set up in the back. Your student is welcome to join you at the guest table for lunch. Your child will still have to abide by the lunch schedule and is unable to come early or stay late. Only your student is allowed to join you at the guest table. Parents and guests are unable to sit at the student tables with the class. Please be aware that should you arrive, and the guest tables are full, you may need to try again on another day.