Vineyard Ranch PTA is always looking for volunteers, and we have so many areas to help. Below are some current opportunities to volunteer.

If you’d like to be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities, please fill out the form found in this link: https://forms.gle/gxCLYaMEEbjqm2GdA.

Thank you for donating your time. We couldn’t do what we do for our Broncos without our amazing volunteers!


Click here to volunteer at the Library If you have any questions, problems registering, or concerns, please email library@vineyardranchpta.org.

Click here to volunteer in the Copy Room. If you have any questions, problems registering, or concerns please email copyroom@vineyardranchpta.org.

Click here to volunteer in the Lunch Room for October. If you are interested in becoming a regular Lunch Room Volunteer please send an email to lunchroom@vineyardranchpta.org.

Click here to volunteer for Art in STEAM. If you have any questions, problems registering, or concerns please email artsined@vineyardranchpta.org.

Before You Volunteer

All volunteers must register through the NEISD Volunteer Registration before they can volunteer. This usually takes about 3 days to process. If you have volunteered over the last year, the system will automatically redo your background check every two years. If you haven’t volunteered over the past year, your status has become inactive, and you will need to call the district to get it reactivated.

Here is the link to register: https://portal.neisd.net/volunteer.

Log Those Volunteer Hours!

​Keeping track of hours is one of many ways we measure the success of our volunteer program. Even if you work outside of school hours or from home.

Students should enter their volunteer hours through Skyward.  Parents/Adults can use the PVSA Log Sheet to keep track of all hours.

Click here for more information on how to log hours.


Please email volunteers@vineyardranchpta.org.