Volunteer Service Awards

Presidential Volunteer Service Awards (PVSA)


The Vineyard Ranch PTA is proud to sponsor the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) and the NEISD Student Volunteer Service Award (SVSA). We have teamed up with the White House and NEISD to become a Certifying Organization for these awards which recognize individuals who have demonstrated outstanding volunteer service and civic participation over a 12-month period.

Award Eligibility

Gold Level PVSA
Kids (age 5-10): 75+ hrs
Teens (11-15): 100+ hrs
Young Adults (16-25): 250+ hrs
Adults (>26): 500+ hrs

Gold Level SVSA
Elementary (K-5): 50+ hrs
Middle School (6-8): 75+ hrs
High School (9-12): 150+ hrs
Silver Level PVSA
Kids (age 5-10): 50-74 hrs
Teens(11-15): 75-99 hrs
Young Adults (16-25): 175-249 hrs
Adults (>26): 250-499 hrs

Silver Level SVSA
Elementary (K-5): 20-49 hrs
Middle School (6-8): 50-74 hrs
High School (9-12): 75-149 hrs
Bronze Level PVSA
Kids (age 5-10): 26-49 hrs
Teens(11-15): 50-74 hrs
Young Adults (16-25): 100-174 hrs
Adults (>26): 200-499 hrs

Bronze Level SVSA
Elementary (K-5): 10-19 hrs
Middle School (6-8): 20-49 hrs
High School (9-12): 50-74 hrs

Service Dates: April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024

For Students:

To be eligible for both awards, your student will have to have ALL hours logged into skyward by March 30, 2024 at midnight. You are welcome to turn in your hours early, but late submissions will not be accepted.  How to Log Volunteer Hours

For Parents:

Parents are only eligible for the PVSA award. Service log sheets and applications must be emailed to pvsa@vineyardranchpta.org by March 30, 2024. You are welcome to email the forms early, but late submissions will not be accepted.  Application for PVSA Log Sheet

Who is eligible?

Vineyard Ranch PTA will certify service hours for the awards for any student enrolled at Vineyard Ranch Elementary.  Parents/guardians of VR students, who are members of the PTA, are eligible for PVSA awards.

What are some examples of service hours?

Student jobs at VR (pencil sharpener, library helper, announcements, patrol, etc.)  Fundraising for non-profit programs such as Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, athletic activities etc.  Walking dogs or baby-sitting without getting paid.  Basically, anything that helps someone else where your student does not get paid.

Recording Student Volunteer Hours:

Students are now able to record volunteer hours through the District Website. All students are able to log in through the student portal. Parents are able to log in to the system to help their student record hours through the parent portal if needed.

Logging in

  • Students can log in through the student portal then click student information and the volunteer link
  • Parents can log in for students through the parent portal
  • Once logged in click on student information and click volunteer

Recording hours

  • Click the log hours button
  • Enter the organizations information and a description of the volunteer activity
  • You must enter the contact information for the person at the organization who can verify your volunteer hours (an email will be sent to this contact to verify your hours). Parents may enter their email address to verify their students hours if needed.
  • Enter the date you volunteered and the amount of hours and click submit


If you have any questions or service hour suggestions, please contact pvsa@vineyardranchpta.org for PVSA questions.