Room Representative Volunteers

Room representatives are parents and guardians from a particular class/grade level who serve as a liaison or contact person for that classroom. They must be members of the local Vineyard Ranch Elementary PTA, but they do not serve on the executive board. The Room Representative Coordinator (Chairman) represents them on the executive board.

For Vineyard Ranch the main functions of this role is to coordinate and assist with the 2 yearly parties – the Holiday Party and End of Year Party.  They will be required to attend each party to decorate the classroom, have the class participate in pre-approved games and crafts.  In addition, the room representative will also ensure that their teacher’s birthday is celebrated with the class.  Each room representative will ideally have an assistant to aide with party set-up.

If you are interested in serving as a Room Representative Volunteer for your child’s room, please email Vineyard Ranch Room Representative Coordinator at