Bike Rodeo

Our Vineyard Ranch Annual Bike Rodeo is back this year and was held on Monday, March 28th!

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What to Expect:

Every year, our students get the chance to participate in a fun one-day schoolwide event which emphasizes bicycle safety and rider competence. On the day, an officer from the San Antonio Police Department, along with parent volunteers, will conduct a bicycle inspection looking at the condition of each bike. Rider competency will be scored along a course consisting of four stations. Students who will not be participating will get the opportunity to still participate by cheering their classmates as they watch the event.  

100 points can be awarded for bicycle inspection and 100 points for course consisting of four stations. Each participant will be awarded 10 extra points for wearing a helmet, which can offset any deductions on the inspection. However, the highest total score for any child will be 200.

Bicycle Inspection (max of 100 points):

Points will be awarded or deducted for the following items [points in ()]:

  • Front light in working order (flashlight ok with metal clamps) (5)
  • Bicycle horn or bell (5)
  • Red reflectors on rear (or light on rear that works) (10)
  • Chain guards missing (40)
  • Loose or broken (defective) chain guard (5)
  • Brakes not working (10)
  • Spokes (missing, broken, and/or loose) (5 pedal) (5 tire) (10)
  • Pedals (missing and/or broken) (5/pedal) (10)
  • Hand grips (missing and/or broken) (5/hand grip) (10)
  • Handle bars (loose) (5)
  • Steering post (worn or loose) (5)
  • Saddle/seat (loose) (5)
  • Tire(s) defective (loose and/or warped) (5)
  • Chain too loose or too tight (5)

Bicycle Course – Four Stations (max of 100 pts):

After the inspection, your child will ride through the four stations:

  • the balance test
  • the circle figure
  • maneuvering the cones
  • staying between the lines

Judges will look for control and time (slower is better on the balance test). Training wheels are allowed and those riders will be placed in a separate category for score comparison purposes.


This event requires many hands to make it a success for our Broncos. Thank you to the many volunteers who made this a fun event for our Broncos!

Safety Video

Students watched the Bike Rodeo safety video that told students how to prep their bike for the event and what the course would look like!  If your student is interested in participating, start getting those bikes ready!