Bylaws & Standing Rules

Our Bylaws and Standing Rules

The proposed bylaws, amendments, and standing rules have been published here for review at least 30 days before the special membership meeting. Please take a moment to look over these at your earliest convenience if you are interested.

Summary of the Standing Rules

A quick summary of the Standing Rules is as follows: Board administrative procedures, reimbursement and other financial practices, insurance, awards, and our new Bronco Legacy Scholarship for graduating seniors.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

The Proposed Bylaws Amendments are as Follows:​

  • Change local dues to $3.50 from $1.50 to bring total dues to $8 from $6
  • Add President-Elect
  • Re-number VPs: 1st (Ways and Means), 2nd (Programs), 3rd (Volunteers)
  • Remove Root-Ed Liaison as “Other Voting Member”
  • Add Historian as “Other Voting Member”

Vineyard Ranch ES Standing Rules 2020-21

PDF Version